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El Vosque | Cómic de humor, fantasía y asesinatos
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Surrounded by far larger and more powerful empires, El Vosque is a little kingdom that manages to survive in there thanks to the fact that a few people want to go in. It's so small that it's not a threat.

That fact can't help a few parties trying to conquer It in its history, but most of them didn't survive, they get lost, o they started a whole new life in one of its peaceful villages.

Its landscape is filled with trees, rivers, lakes and mountains. The whole kingdom is nothing more than a very large forest, spotted with a few cities and villages of creatures who can't help the feeling that they're outnumbered by trees.

It's a kingdom full of hallmarks, where you can find humans, fairies, naiads, elves, ogres and more. Where the peace you can feel in its landscape contrasts with the perils that flood its paths. Where magical creatures live, but where sorcery is completely forbidden. Where a beautiful flower can explode.