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El Vosque | Cómic de humor, fantasía y asesinatos
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His passion for assasination, combined with his lack of opposable thumbs, has give to this funny guy to the idea that, in order to kill people, the best way is create them first. As any girl didn't seem to help him, he decided to create this people in his head. That's why he made this webcomic. The second one, after ¡Eh, tío! a Spanish Webcomic full of jokes, running gags and inappropiate uses of huge amounts of ducks. He keeps drawing and writing what he thinks is funny (mostly ducks) in both webcomics, in El Jueves, a comic Spanish Magazine, and in his room wallpaper.

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Since she was a little brat, she tried to sketch on anything that keeped still time enough. Laurielle found her first challenge in her own writing. Her stories about floor tiles and baked potatos didn't seem to have enough fans. Nonetheless, a day - due to a very complex web of circumstances - she had the chance of drawing El Vosque. Just after trying to flee crying, she was trapped. Since then, she draws fairies , trying to runaway do her best. All this apart from she being an undead, and very proud of it!

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