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I understand the amount of exhausting work you have to do to translate the whole story, but I find it hilarious that the comic is in the epilogue while the translation never left the first chapter. Congratulations for an amazing webcomic that I have followed through the years, my only complain is that in retrospect the story actually feels short-lived, like I just want more of the world of El Vosque... So long, Cirano, Quent, Calderilla, Flora, Amanda, Cuarto; Acteaa, all the secondary characters that are just as memorable as the protagonist... Hopefully we, the lucky viewers, will get to see more of El Vosque in the future. Morán, Laurielle, thanks for making this, your work is now part of the magic and fantasy that lives inside the brains and hearts of a lot people. Thanks for making magic :)

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